Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nashville (Mercy Lounge) 4-25-09


Big Surprise
Run Chicken Run
Take This Bread
Marlboro Man
White Limousine
Boy from Lawrence County
Chicken Wire
Ahab (new Christmas song)
Memphis Flu
Murder by Mistletoe
Love me Tenderly
God Damn You Jim
Greatest Show on Earth
Her Eyes Dart Round
Frankie's Gun

St Stephen's End
Farley's Song
Two Hands
Penn Station

The boys were in fine form tonight in Music City USA. The Mercy Lounge is an intimate venue which was a nice change from last week at the soon to be infamous Trocadero show. James' cold seems to be mostly gone; he did a beautiful rendition of God Damn You Jim. Ian was in an exceptionally awesome state of mind cracking jokes throughout the night and randomly sticking his tongue out at the other band members. In the middle of Marie he announced "ambiguous instrumental solo" to which the band started to crack up. Christmas did his new song, Ahab, again. I hadn't heard it before and I really enjoyed it. Memphis Flu was a crowd favorite being that we were in Tennessee. There were some special guests on stage tonight. The lead singer and the guitarist from Old Crow Medicine Show were at the show and came up to play with the boys for a few numbers including Frankie's Gun which sounded better than I have heard it in a while. It was Searcher's last show of the tour and he got to play guitar on one number which was fun. Ian played bass during Christmas' song which was incredible. He enjoyed playing the bass so much making all sorts of interesting sounds and facial expressions. The crowd was really into the show, singing along and dancing up a storm. Farley used his usual hip-hop crowd riling tactics to get the audience involved. I must say I have become a bit spoiled seeing them play so many 2-3 hr sets that the hour and a half show tonight felt a bit short, but it was absolutely amazing all the same. They fit right into the style of Nashville and everyone had a ball. Well, it's 3am and I have a flight back to Philly in 4 hrs so it's time to catch some shut eye. That's it for me for a while...unfortunately.