Thursday, April 30, 2009

Felice Brothers Concert on Radio Again in Knoxville

Tomorrow at 3:00 pm EST

FELICE BROTHERS to Perform Live at Next "Funhouse Live" Concert at Barley's This Friday, May 1st!
The amazing FELICE BROTHERS will be the featured act for the next "Funhouse Live" at Barley's Tapprom and Pizzeria in the Old City, this Friday, May 1st at 10:30p.m. Touring to support their excellent new disc 'Yonder Is the Clock,' which features the song "Run, Chicken Run" as heard on The Rock, many compare The Felice Brothers to The Band. Show up and find out why!

The link to the internet feed for the station

Acoustic performance in studio. Interviewer didn't ask any question interesting.

Memphis Flu (edited by Ian and called Swine Flu)
Lonesome Valley

The biggest story or goof was that they said they had Dave Dondero (fellow Team Love artist) with them. Of course they might have been goofing.

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