Thursday, April 23, 2009

Setlist of Pittsburgh Show 4-22-09: Jimmy is Sick!

Marlboro Man
Take This Bread
Run Chicken Run
Goddamn you Jim
Love Me Tenderly
Katie Dear
Greatest show on Earth
sounded like you and me kid we should stick together?
Frankies Gun
Ballad of Lou the Welterweight
sounded like Momma put your foot on the gas repeated?
Memphis Flu Townes van Zandt's: Two Hands
Farley Song
LetMe Come Home
Penn Station
Show was pretty good, Christmas sang two songs this time. Farley managed to knock a crash symbol off its stand by way of pounding it with his washboard. James was pretty sick and unfortunately it showed occasionally when he would start coughing up his lungs while singing. Considering how sick he appeared, he put on a damn good show anyways. Though I worry with the way those boys pass the whiskey bottle around, that the Louisville show will feature all of them in a rather sick state. Great show overall. Feel free to use any of that or none of it for the blog, doesn't bother either way, I know it isn't much anyway. But real quick, from looking over the blog, am I to understand that the gent playing the drums for them is not Simone? Thats all I got, laters


Luke thanks a lot i am sure someone will post a comment to help a few of the spots you didn't know the title to -editors note