Friday, April 3, 2009

Wxpn Philly free at noon setlist

1. The Big Surprise
2. Memphis Flu
3. Boy from Lawrence county
4. Marie: James says "this is a love song that doesn't go anywhere" First verse sung by James, second sung by Greg Farley, third by Ian. Very nice performance.
5. Run Chicken Run
6. Let Me Come Home: James "This is a very tender song". James lead vocal.

Pretty good set of all new songs and Marie and Let Me come Home make another appearance. Boy from Lawrence County appeared to be an audible, and surprisingly no Penn Station.

here the full set here

Thanks to Joel Grossman at Backstreets for the tickets.
Thanks to Tony Lukes for the Roast Pork and Spinach Cheesesteak

video excerpts of show available here