Friday, April 24, 2009

interesting battle Hanson vs Felice Brothers Taken from South Carolina Paper

Anderson Mail News (South Carolina) this is an excerpt

This week it’s new age folk act The Felice Brothers versus brand-new pop act Tinted Windows, a band comprising former members of boy-band Hanson (yes, the “Mmmbop” Hanson), the Smashing Pumpkins, Fountains of Wayne and Cheap Trick. Who said these matchups had to make sense? This may very well be the first time an accordion went face-to-face against an electric guitar. May the best man (or former member of Hanson) win.

Tinted Windows – “Tinted Windows”


This odd combination of band members is too much to resist, at least for novelty’s sake.

This is power pop at its finest with deceptively great musicianship.

If you listen closely, you can actually hear women’s undergarments hitting the studio floor.

“Cha Cha” is one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. I hate that I love it.


I couldn’t help but think the Hanson stigma might be too much to overcome.

Cringe-inducing choruses like “without love, come on, come on, come on.”

Most of these songs are too short to be considered songs.

The Felice Brothers – “Yonder is the Clock”


Ian Felice sounds the way Bob Dylan sounded before he became unintelligible.

Probably the least pretentious band around. It’s obvious these guys just love performing music.

Three singer/songwriters ensure that nothing gets stale.

They’re prolific. If this wasn’t good they’d hit you with another album in a matter of months.

Not over-produced. Instead of being polished this is refreshingly covered in mud.


“Sailor Song” gets a little too close to sleep-inducing, Leonard Cohen territory.

Some songs sound like they were written on the back of napkins and slapped together.

Much less upbeat than the self-titled album that preceded it.

And the winner is…The Felice Brother’s “Yonder is the Clock.”

There aren’t enough bands out there doing what these guys are doing. They have a firm focus on musicianship and songwriting; I’m happy that I’ll probably never see a Felice Brothers music video. The Tinted Windows album is a pleasant diversion when you want to turn your mind off, but “Yonder is the Clock” is one of those sonic gifts that keep on giving. The song “Run Chicken Run” is worth the price of admission all by itself.